Using the Ocean post-process

Using the Ocean post-process

This beautiful post-process tends to simulate an ocean surface, including waves, to be used as a post-process. This is under a Creative Commons License and can be used freely for non-commercial projects. This post-process requires "Multiple Render Targets" support so it'll work at least with WebGL2 or WebGL1 and multiple render targets extension available and enabled.

How to use?

Ocean post-process scripts can be found here:

Please, first reference this script in your page:

    <script src="babylon.oceanPostProcess.js"></script>

Then, you only need to instantiate the post-process and attach to your main camera to bring it to life.

// Creates the post-process
var postProcess = new BABYLON.OceanPostProcess("Ocean", camera);

Playground Demo Scene -

Using reflection and refraction

For reflection and refraction purpose, the post-process is using 2 custom render targets. The constructor of the post-process can also take a third argument which allows to customize these render targets. Each option is optional, such as:

// Creates the post-process with options
var postProcess = new BABYLON.OceanPostProcess("Ocean", camera, {
     * The size of the reflection RTT (number if square, or {width: number, height:number} or {ratio:} to define a ratio from the main scene)
    reflectionSize: { width: 512 height: 512 },
     * The size of the refraction RTT (number if square, or {width: number, height:number} or {ratio:} to define a ratio from the main scene)
    refractionSize: { width: 512 height: 512 }

The post-process allows to separately enable or disable reflection and refraction. By default, reflection and refraction are disable so you'll have to manually enable:

// Enable reflection
postProcess.reflectionEnabled = true;
// Enable refraction
postProcess.refractionEnabled = true;

Finally, once reflection or refraction is/are enabled, just populate the render list of each render target. For more information about render targets and render list, you can refer to this playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#CJWDJR#0 -


// Populate reflection render list

// Populate refraction render list

Playground Demo Scene -

If post-process is not supported

If the current browser doesn't support WebGL2 or WebGL1 with multiple render targets extension, the post-process will just work as a pass-through. Anyway, you can check if the post-process is supported and then decide to destroy it. Example:

if (!postProcess.isSupported) {